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Giulia Giovanetti
Ready to blow your mind

Young actress Giulia Giovanetti: her Los Angeles experience and her dreams

Daniele Marini
The magic of the custom-made

Daniele Marini, the fourth-generation member of a family of Roman shoemakers

Grazia Schiavo
Deeply authentic

Grazia Schiavo. The fascinating Roman actress shares her vision of cinema

Hey Ms. Dj

Two young and pretty girls united by sport, friendship, music

Francesca Romana Paciaroni
My life in colour

Francesca Romana Paciaroni: when creativity becomes wellness

Andrea Luparelli
Impeccable style

Andrea Luparelli, master of elegance in his Sartoria Ripense

Valentina De Paolis
The pleasure of driving

Valentina De Paolis, CEO since 2018 of IWR, car dealer in Rome since 1968

Francesca Petrini
The new life of jewels

Francesca Petrini and her world made of colorful jewelry

David Cenci

Three generations and elegance in Rome: David Cenci talks about his family history

Giorgia Tozzi
Lighthearted living

Giorgia Tozzi, the General Manager of Hotel Vilòn, describes this small Roman gem

Diego Percossi Papi
Sculptures of colors

Master goldsmith Diego Percossi Papi and his vibrant creations

rossella troise

Rossella Troise, the mind behind Redsoul design bags

antica manifattura cappelli
A milliner in Rome

Patrizia Fabri, the woman behind the artisan workshop Antica Manifattura Cappelli

Italian style

Dario Mandatori and the art of custom-tailored shirts

Angela Caputi
Heartfelt choices

Angela Caputi’s Giuggiù opens its first Rome boutique

Monica Hell
Linear and tactile

Monica Hell is a furniture designer. now she has also her own line of bags

Guido Citerni
A stone’s throw from Via Veneto

Guido Citerni and his restaurant fiore: good, healthy, beautiful dishes

Onorato Mancini
The final touch

Onorato Mancini, master frame-maker for over 50 years. The art of valorizing art

Camilla Alibrandi
Capturing the soul

Camilla Alibrandi, a photographer that loves aesthetics and architecture

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