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Valentina De Paolis
Range Rover Velar Musei Vaticani Jag Main
December 3, 2019

The pleasure of driving

Valentina De Paolis, CEO since 2018 of IWR, car dealer in Rome since 1968

Valentina De Paolis

How long have you been dealing in automobiles?

About 17 years. After university and a few years of working abroad I came back to develop the Bentley Dealership.

What fascinates you about your work?

Being able to follow the evolution of the automotive industry as an insider. I should actually say the automotive revolution!

So let’s consider this revolution. Which novelty most appeals to you?

The kind of car you own no longer represents a specific trend. Its use and ownership options have become the real trend. We’re talking about eco-friendly and safety features, speed limits on our roads, choosing between buying and leasing, etc.. This is what’s really exciting.  

What’s new and what are the new projects for the end of the year?

I have closed the dealership contracts with Volvo and Jaguar Land Rover, and there will be more good news (I hope!) next year.  

Which car has struck you the most?

The Velar…it’s out of this world.

The best car to drive around Rome and where could we go.

The electric Jaguar I-Pace. It doesn’t pollute and you can drive through the limited-traffic zones. 

And what about one to go out for a special dinner?

If the restaurant is meant to be a surprise, I’d say a Discovery. You can go anywhere with that one.  

Which place in Rome would you suggest a visitor not miss?

I would recommend having dinner on one of the magnificent terraces in the city’s historic center to appreciate the magnificent views and to visit the Vatican Museums. 

Range Rover Velar Musei Vaticani Jag Main

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