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Diego Percossi Papi
Diego Percossi Papi Diego Percossi Papi Diego Percossi Papi
October 10, 2019

Sculptures of colors

Master goldsmith Diego Percossi Papi and his vibrant creations

Diego Percossi Papi

How did you develop a passion for goldsmithing?

As a result of my classical and architectural studies, as well as of my passion for art and history. The coordination of volumes, shapes and colors is fundamental in architecture, exactly like in sculpture and jewelry design. 

Among the fans of your creations are many female celebrities. Whom were you the most excited to meet?

Actually, I’m particularly excited by a child entirely taken up by watching me draw something. But I really appreciated Sophia Loren removing a precious lace from her stage costume in order to highlight a choker necklace which I had designed. As well as Ornella Vanoni, who wore my snake earring on one of her albums’ cover. 

Your creations have been starring also in some major films. For instance?

Rossini Rossini by Mario Monicelli, Il Mestiere delle Armi by Ermanno Olmi, Luisa Sanfelice and La Masseria delle Allodole by Paolo and Vittorio Taviani, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, which was awarded an Oscar for Costume Design and, more recently, Emma,  based on a  Jane Austen novel and currently in its post-production stage in London.

What role does Rome have in your creative process?

A role as Genius Loci, of course. Although I do not design iconographic jewelry, my creations draw inspiration from Baroque Rome at the time of Alessandro VII, Bernini, Borromini  and also from the cosmopolitan Imperial Rome as Caput Mundi. As a matter of fact, this autumn I will be releasing a new collection called Roma.

Diego Percossi Papi Diego Percossi Papi Diego Percossi Papi

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