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Grazia Schiavo
Divorzio a Las Vegas Grazia Schiavo Poli Opposti
December 18, 2020

Deeply authentic

Grazia Schiavo. The fascinating Roman actress shares her vision of cinema

Grazia Schiavo

Theater and cinema. Two worlds you know very well. What do you love best of each world?

I love cinema for its endless ability to combine arts and skills and expand and broaden the dimensions of space and time.  What I love best about theater is the fact that it allows you to do everything with much less, with the extra plus of shared magic between the performers and the audience, which makes you leave the theater as a different person. 

Other passions besides acting?

I love psychology, working on oneself and on others. I’m also fond of music, singing and cooking.

What’s been your favorite role so far?

It is yet to come…I believe it has to do with being given the chance to take oneself apart, to show one’s  most awkward self, even one’s deepest and less accessible self. I’m convinced that an actor or actress must give himself or herself this chance sooner or later.

Divorzio a Las Vegas, the film you star in alongside Giampaolo Morelli, Andrea Delogu and Ricky Memphis, was released last October. Your favorite lines?

What Elena says about looking backwards… about leaving something important behind that you need to get back in order to be able to be yourself completely. 

Rome: where do you enjoy going to relax?

My hometown, there’s always something new and wonderful about it. When I need to relax, I love walking downtown, along the Tiber river and then going back home bringing sensations that I experience again through music, motion and meditation. 

Any plans for the near future?

There’s a new project I will soon be working on: a role in the film by Riccardo Antonaroli, La svolta.  

Instagram: @grazia.schiavo

Divorzio a Las Vegas Grazia Schiavo Poli Opposti

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