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Monica Hell
Monica Hell Monica Hell Monica Hell
March 27, 2019

Linear and tactile

Monica Hell is a furniture designer. now she has also her own line of bags

Monica Hell

How did this line of work begin?

Everything stems from a great passion passed on to me by my father. When I was a child, every ten years he had our home renovated by architects who systematically transformed it. 

This influenced both my choice of studies and my work. I began working in architectural studios and supervising construction sites. 

Then, I continued alone, always with renovations and furnishings. By then, I knew all the artisans and decorators who could be of use to me.

When did you make the first piece of furniture?

For my own house, about ten years ago. The first piece was in leather. Then a friend of mine with a furniture shop encouraged me to make other pieces that she immediately sold. So I started a business with my decorator Marzia Sansonetti Sauve and now I handle the design part and she manages the research of materials.

What makes your furniture unique?

We use materials such as rope, cork and acrylic paste to give volume to the leathers and create a three-dimensional effect in the decorations. Our furniture is linear and material at the same time.

How much later did you start your line of bags?

Two years later, almost eight years ago. I make a maximum of 200 bags a year, all made in Rome. 

First the customer chooses the leather and the design and 15 days later, they have their bag. 

I only sell from my showroom in Parioli. 

Monica Hell Monica Hell Monica Hell

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