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Camilla Alibrandi
yoga Karl Lagerfield (ph. Camilla Alibrandi) Delfina Delettrez (ph. Camilla Alibrandi)
March 27, 2019

Capturing the soul

Camilla Alibrandi, a photographer that loves aesthetics and architecture

Camilla Alibrandi

What kind of training did you have?

I studied architecture and then did two Masters degrees in Rome at the Academy of Fashion and Costume, one in fashion journalism and the history of Costume and another specializing in accessories: shoes and bags. I’m convinced that the saying “the clothes don’t make the man” isn’t true. When people look at you, they immediately get a first impression of you. 

What does photography mean to you?

Photography has the responsibility of telling a story and describing a person also through a light, color and focus. I subscribe to the idea that it takes very little to recount a lot: “Less is More.” I like the idea of blending aesthetics with a person’s ethics and being able to capture characteristics that even the people themselves sometimes don’t see in themselves.

Who did your passion for photography come from?

My father, also an architect, photographer and director. When I was 12, he gave me my first camera and at 15 an enlarger and dark room and taught me to develop my own photos. Saturday mornings, we used to sit down with a glass of orange juice and he patiently taught me the secrets of the trade.

What do you really love?

I love sports – I’ve also become a swimming and yoga instructor because I’m convinced that teaching helps us to grow - but above all contemporary art and cinema. 

yoga Karl Lagerfield (ph. Camilla Alibrandi) Delfina Delettrez (ph. Camilla Alibrandi)

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