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Daniele Marini
Daniele Marini Daniele Marini Daniele Marini
December 18, 2020

The magic of the custom-made

Daniele Marini, the fourth-generation member of a family of Roman shoemakers

Daniele Marini

What intrigues you the most about bespoke shoemaking?

Being able to provide the customer not only with an entirely handmade product, but also with the chance to plan and choose every single feature of the shoes together. 

The most precious lesson you ever learnt from your grandfather and father?

Manic attention to each customer’s requests and using the same construction method as one hundred years ago, starting with taking the measurements and creating the wooden tree, without using any machinery… the age-old ars sutoria.

The timeless model for him and for her?

Loafers, in every variant, are a timeless classic for him and for her. 

A few illustrious names of the past and present who chose your shoes?

From the  Agnelli family, in particular, Lapo and the great Gianni, to the royal family of Qatar, Marcello Mastroianni, Sergio Leone, Robert De Niro, the late King of Morocco Hassan II, Paolo Bulgari and many others.

The most unusual request you ever received?

Boots for Queen Elizabeth commissioned by the King of Morocco as a birthday present. 

Roman elegance and style in a pair of shoes?

Unlike British footwear, more rounded and structured, Roman shoes feature delicate, clean lines with a very thin and elegant tip. 

 ‘Your’ Rome in three faces and three places.

Alberto Sordi, Francesco Totti, Anna Magnani. As for places,  Via Frattina, Via degli Artisti and Piazza Mattei.

Instagram: @marinicraftsmen1899

Daniele Marini Daniele Marini Daniele Marini

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