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Guido Citerni
Flexitariano Flexitariano Flexitariano
March 27, 2019

A stone’s throw from Via Veneto

Guido Citerni and his restaurant fiore: good, healthy, beautiful dishes

Guido Citerni

How did the idea of opening a Flexiterian restaurant come about?

We opened this restaurant after finding out that there was a lack of this niche of restaurant in Rome. Flexitarian is derived from flexible, a cuisine that favors products of vegetable origin, but without giving up meat and fish completely. 

What are your strong points?

The three adjectives we combined to develop this new project are: healthy, tasty and Italian. We use the highest quality basic ingredients and are constantly looking for the freshest, most wholesome and organic products. Our menu changes monthly, depending on which ingredients are in season.

Why the name Fiore?

Initially it was called Fiore, Crudo e Vapore (Flower, Raw and Steamed), then we shortened it to one word. 

Which dish characterizes you the most?

Definitely a dish that characterizes us a lot are the steamed baskets that can be vegetables, rice, meat and fish. We steam much of our food which allows us to eliminate saturated fats and ensure a high digestibility of our dishes, reducing calories and preserving the flavors of the foods intact. 

How important is the location for the restaurant’s success?

Fundamental: during the day it’s an area of offices and so people pour in because it’s the only restaurant in the area that’s a bit different. In the evening, it’s convenient thanks to the availability of parking. 

Flexitariano Flexitariano Flexitariano

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