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rossella troise
Rossella Troise 1 Rossella Troise 5 Rossella Troise 7
June 21, 2019


Rossella Troise, the mind behind Redsoul design bags

rossella troise

How did you come up with the idea of creating these bags?

It all began two years and half ago. I wanted to create my own dream bag and I did so for myself. When my business partner and friend Caterina Torlonia saw it, she suggested that I design a collection of handbags based on the philosophy that had inspired me to create the first one: a handbag meeting the needs of women who wish to have one bag for all occasions and still feel stylish. 

A passion that developed into a job…

I am a fashion and costume journalist and I moved from Naples to Rome for a living. After many years working in journalism, I started designing bags for fun and to do something different. But designing bags proved to be more successful than expected and increasingly absorbing. 

What kind of bag is it?

It is designed for women who want a handy and practical bag without giving up on luxury. It is a very light-weight bag, good for all seasons and for any time of the day and night. It is versatile, folding and with four easily-accessible pockets. It is an intelligent bag and very recognizable. Everyone knows who “she” is. 

Why in python-skin?

I love this material: it is precious and textured at the same time. We specialize in fine skins which, in my opinion, give a special touch, especially in the evening. But, as the bags are all trimmed with cotton, they can be either “rock”, elegant or ladylike according to one’s mood. 

Rossella Troise 1 Rossella Troise 5 Rossella Troise 7

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