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Francesca Petrini
December 3, 2019

The new life of jewels

Francesca Petrini and her world made of colorful jewelry

Francesca Petrini

Francesca Rossi Petrini is a jeweler with a strong passion for stones and an impressive insight into trends, using his imagination to bring important family jewels to life and experimenting with precious stones, colors, and enamels. He’s known by everyone as Paquita. His shop, Petrini, can be found at viale Parioli, 164.

When did you begin making jewelry?

I’ve had a passion for jewelry since I was in high school. I graduated from IGI (International Gemological Institute Italy), after which I moved to Santa Monica, in the US, to study colored gems for six months. I then took a two-year course at IED. I began my career as an intern for a gem wholesaler in Rome, who taught me all the techniques of the workshop.

What was your strength?

I saw that there weren’t any any fun, ready-to-wear jewelry pieces, so I decided to create them. I’ve always tried to reinterpret family jewelry in a modern way, playing with the stones and colors. I’ve always asked my clients to use precious abandoned objects and to infuse them with a new life, a new history.

What was the first piece of jewelry?

A wedding ring with a heart, in the ‘90s. Everyone copied that. I gave it my style, putting an idea out there that everyone liked and popularized. I was ahead of the trend. 

And how did you become so renowned?

Word of mouth. When I began in 1990, we didn’t have cell phones, Instagram, or Facebook, nor were there any testimonials that could promote me. 

What is your favourite piece?

For me, the piece you wear depends on the mood of the day. During the day, I like to play with earrings, while in the evening, rings are very important.


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