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antica manifattura cappelli
Antica Manifattura Cappelli Antica Manifattura Cappelli 17 Antica Manifattura Cappelli
June 21, 2019

A milliner in Rome

Patrizia Fabri, the woman behind the artisan workshop Antica Manifattura Cappelli

antica manifattura cappelli

Why did you decide to devote yourself to the world of hats?

Although I began by designing shoes and bags, my first logo was a funny little hat. I believe the hat is the most powerful visual expression that exists in the clothing world, and I’m endlessly fascinated by its sculptural, three-dimensional nature.

Tell us about a particular memory of Loris Cirri, whose family founded the workshop in 1936.

When I first went there and bought a hat, which I then decorated, and suggested opening a boutique. The owner was very impressed and commissioned 25 hats from me. It was my first order. When I went back to Signor Loris and asked him for 25 hats, he looked and me and said, in his Tuscan accent: “Oh, so the girl was serious!” I think he guessed I wouldn’t stop there. 

Almost 2,000 wooden blocks, from that day to this. How have heads changed over the decades?

They’ve changed a lot, so much that unfortunately they often don’t suit the hat. A hat is an accent we can place on our personality - something that goes against the grain in today’s society.

Famous heads that have worn your hats? 

Jude Law, Susan Sarandon, Donald Sutherland, Giuliano Sangiorgi and his band Negramaro, Alessandro Mannarino and Enrico Montesano.

Do you have a personal icon of elegance you’d like to design for?

I’d have loved to create a hat for Karen Blixen.

The golden rule for choosing the perfect hat?

Simply that you shouldn’t notice it because it’s an extension of you.

Trends for summer 2019?

Enormous brims, natural straw and touches of red and fuchsia.

Antica Manifattura Cappelli Antica Manifattura Cappelli 17 Antica Manifattura Cappelli

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