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Giulia Giovanetti
Giulia Giovanetti Giulia Giovanetti Giulia Giovanetti
December 18, 2020

Ready to blow your mind

Young actress Giulia Giovanetti: her Los Angeles experience and her dreams

Giulia Giovanetti

Where did your passion for acting come from?

I went to a high school specialising in languages, where I studied French and English. I wanted to perfect my English as much as I could; it’s a language I love. Then I decided to get some experience abroad, combining it with something else I’ve always been interested in: acting. So off I went to Los Angeles, where I studied at the New York Film Academy for three years, working on everything associated with film, from performance to directing, including screenwriting and business. 

And after the Academy?

Luckily, I landed several castings very quickly. So I worked on a lot of short and medium-length films, some of which have won awards, including an Honourable Mention for my role in the short film Swamp.

You recently came back to Italy.

Yes, I’d like to get involved in the Italian film sector. I moved to Rome, where I have the opportunity to continue my training with various courses, including dubbing and musicals. I’m teaching myself Spanish and, just for fun, I’m also learning to fight with the nunchaku; you never know when I might get a part in an action movie!

What did you miss most about Tuscany when you were in LA?

My family and the people I love mostly, but also the breathtaking landscapes and the food, of course.

Your favourite place in Tuscany?

The quarries and the Apuan Alps in general, which almost fall into the sea.

A dream on the back burner?

At the moment I’m particularly interested in those big international collaborations that are doing really well on Netflix, for example, which combine the best of American and Italian production.

Instagram: @giulia.giovanetti

Giulia Giovanetti Giulia Giovanetti Giulia Giovanetti

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