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Giada Ricciardi
Emerald’s Independent Bar Emerald’s Independent Bar Emerald’s Independent Bar
September 27, 2023

Giada Ricciardi and her Emerald's Independent Bar

The whole proposal of the well-known Roman cocktail bar told by its owner

Giada Ricciardi

Plants, soft lights, vintage and Art-Nouveau touches...What inspired the design and atmosphere?

Emerald’s is inspired by the living room of a charming South-American adventurer of the early 1900s, who used to show his guests goods and objects from all over the world, including a peacock named Emerald, the gift of an Indian princess.

And your cult cocktails?

Our signature cocktails are an experiential journey, such as Tokyo Mon Amour, with gin infused with shiso leaves, yuzo, lime and ginger; Salty Frida, salty and tangy, based on tequila and Ancho Reyes, with sour orange coulis and seawater mousse; and Smoky Me, made with Mezcal, pink grapefruit, orange and rosemary.

The perfect autumn drink?

I would suggest a version of the classic Negroni, with the addition of cinnamon infusion and, of course, orange zest.

A few examples of your mouth-watering ‘bites’?

Our bao bun, our chef’s version of gua bao, BBQ Chicken with vegan wasabi-flavored mayonnaise and Tuna Tartare with burrata cheese, Piennolo cherry tomato pesto and lemon zest.

Emerald’s is in Prati. Your favorite places around there?

I love getting lost in the Borgo Pio area, a picturesque neighborhood, built by the will of Pope Pius XI, with its narrow cobble-paved streets, age-old colorful buildings, trattorias and old craft shops. Passetto di Borgo, a hidden path connecting the Vatican and Castel Sant’Angelo, is wonderful.

If Rome were a cocktail?

It would be our Dirty Kiss: a twist on the classic Americano: red Vermouth, bitters infused with tonka beans and Biancosarti and orange velvet. Traditional, rich flavors with a touch of softness.

Emerald’s Independent Bar Emerald’s Independent Bar Emerald’s Independent Bar

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