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Alexita+KiMa Alexita+KiMa Alexita+KiMa
December 13, 2019

Hey Ms. Dj

Two young and pretty girls united by sport, friendship, music


Alexita+KiMa are a young DJ duo, athletes who used to play professional tennis together before deciding that music would be their future. Alessandra Di Cola and Chiara Mazzuca are their real names, while their stage name is a reference to Alessandra’s nickname and an acronym of Kima’s first and last name. 

What is your background?

I’m an engineer in L’Aquila, and studied in Milan before moving to Rome, while Chiara has a degree in Law; her true passion has always been horses, though, and she’s a professional rider. We taught ourselves music, then we both took a DJ course with Good Music. 

What is your relationship like?

We’re friends first and music partners second. We’re lucky enough to be able to travel together and share a lot of exciting moments. Fortunately, we can talk about everything with each other. 

What does music represent for you both?

Music is a companion in so many situations. It’s an energetic and mental hobby. As a child, Chiara would walk around with her Logic case full of CDs, and always liked to listen to old soundtracks. For me, music is an escape from real life. Together, we’ve found a way to create different environments, lighting up the dance floor at company parties, events in luxury stores, and nightclubs. 

What kind of music do you make?

We make electronica music mixed with slower desert music. We blend electronic and psychedelic sounds with Afro music. We love clubs where we can really get our adrenaline pumping.

Alexita+KiMa Alexita+KiMa Alexita+KiMa

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