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Onorato Mancini
Ritratto di Musico Onorato Mancini Onorato  Mancini
March 27, 2019

The final touch

Onorato Mancini, master frame-maker for over 50 years. The art of valorizing art

Onorato Mancini

Are frames a family tradition or a personal passion?

A personal passion, that has given rise to a family tradition. In 1965 I attended the school of arts and crafts in Rome and from there, I went on to enter the workshop of my teacher Giuliano Palla. After years spent gaining experience, I opened my own workshop in Vicolo della Campana, which this year celebrates its 50th anniversary. My daughter Roberta and my son Paolo, who have my same love for craftsmanship, have been working with me for 10 years now.

What fascinates you most about this craft?

That would be seeing the added value that our experience can give to even the most modest artwork, enhancing it to the maximum.

And the most delicate phase in the creation of a frame?

Precision in the cutting of corners and glass is crucial, as these are very delicate and dangerous operations. 

The most precious painting for which you have created a frame?

A Leonardo da Vinci painting for the Capitoline Museums. A real accomplishment.

The most important teachings you have passed on to your children?

Respect for the client, punctuality and precision in the execution of every work. They chose this work for themselves. They are excellent craftsmen and there is no better satisfaction for me than seeing the future of this workshop in them. 

Your Rome, in 3 places dear to your heart.

The Colosseum, my arts and crafts school was near it; Piazza Navona, that I cross every day to go to work and the Tiber river, where every day I walk my dog Lapo, the our mascot.

Ritratto di Musico Onorato Mancini Onorato  Mancini

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