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text Mila Montagni
photo Valentina Stefanelli

October 10, 2019

Unto the ages of ages

In marble, water and rock throughout the streets of Rome

“I found a city of bricks and left it a city of marble”,  Emperor Augustus said to his subjects according to Suetonius. His ability to turn Rome into the Lady of the Mediterranean and Queen of the Western World had been clearly accomplished.  Over two thousand years later, the austere beauty of the Ara Pacis, which Augustus had built in the Campus Martius, the symbol of  the city’s belligerent nature, testifies to the enduring legacy of Rome’s first emperor. 

Since those glorious days, the Eternal City’s architecture has evolved and changed, it has been rebuilt and expanded, while always preserving the capital’s original splendor.  And since the remotest of times, many are the poets and writers who saw Rome, loved it and described it in its unique and extraordinary facets, with the same passion and amazement they would have poured into describing the features and traits of a loved one. This is our little story of Rome…

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