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Itinerario Sale da tè a Roma

text Gabrielle Bolzoni

December 14, 2019

Tea Time

A veritable ritual. Discover where in Rome

Statistics reveal that 27 million cups of tea are drunk every day across the world. Tea has been the symbol of Oriental culture for thousands of years and it is the most-widely consumed beverage in the world next to water. Although Italy is not among the countries that drink the most tea, tea time in company is becoming increasingly popular in Rome. If regularly consumed, this medicinal plant -which is grown mostly in China, India and Sri Lanka -, provides extraordinary beneficial effects to human health, besides being pleasing to the palate, mood-lifting and heartwarming. A tea break, ideal on dark and cold winter afternoons, is a moment of peace and reflection, a pleasant habit which is good for both physical and mental health and a luxury you can allow yourself to relax and take a break from the everyday frenzy. Chinese legend has it that Emperor Shen Nung lived to the age of 5000 by drinking  infusions of water and tea leaves … Don’t believe it? Try these tea rooms yourself!

Babignton's Tea Room

Babington’s Tea Rooms has been overlooking Piazza di Spagna for 125 years. It is an elegant Victorian-style tea room, established by two unmarried British women who wished to introduce Italy to the Anglo-Saxon tradition of tea, available only at pharmacies back then. This historic venue offers a wide variety of exclusive blends, carefully selected by tea tasters, including the Special Blend, specially made to be used only with water from Bernini’s Barcaccia Fountain in the middle of the Piazza. Over the years, Babington’s has welcomed the world’s greatest tea connoisseurs, as well as royal family members and many celebrities. In addition to the tea room, there is a restaurant where tea is the star again, harmoniously enhancing the flavor of every dish, whether savory or sweet. Piazza di Spagna 23, tel. +39 06 6786027,

Antico Caffè Greco

Antico Caffè Greco, Rome’s best-known and oldest literary café, was established back in 1760. The nineteenth-century interiors have hosted the likes of intellectuals, philosophers and musicians, such as Goethe, De Chirico and Schopenhauer. A visit of Antico Caffè Greco is like travelling back into the past and a chance to enjoy some delicious tea. Via dei Condotti 86,

Casa del tè - Green Tea

Located near the Pantheon, Casa del Tè Green T offer customers a unique experience by carrying on the Chinese tradition of eating healthy food and drinking tea. Tea master Yan  is the best person to advise you on tea infusions and their beneficial properties. The small indoor Zen garden is the ideal place for tea time.  Via del Piè di Marmo 28, tel. 06 6798628,

Tè e Teiere Roma

Located downtown Rome, Tè e Teiere is a small top-quality shop, heaven for tea lovers, with an extensive list of 140 blends of the world’s finest teas. The owner Alessandra Celi’s passion for tea is based on the in-depth study of a fascinating though still little-known culture. A journey through white, green, yellow, black teas, caffeine-free infusions and rooibos tea to be complemented by small homemade delicacies. The shop offers also courses to gain an insight into the history and culture of tea, as well as tastings. Via dei Banchi Nuovi 37, tel. 06 6868824,

Caffetteria Doria Pamphilj

Located right behind Via del Corso, Caffetteria Doria Pamphilj  is an elegant tea room open to the visitors of Palazzo Doria Pamphilj, which guards this aristocratic family’s history. Elegant interiors and old-fashioned service for a relaxing break and a taste of a bygone era. Via della Gatta 1, tel. 06 6793805,

Vivi Bistrot

Housed in Palazzo Braschi on Piazza Navona, Vivi Bistrot is an enchanting tea room, which feels like a Parisian Bohemian café. The key word here is “natural”, so all products are organically made and come from far-away countries that the two owners, Daniela and Cristina, have visited. A tea break with view of Bernini’s Fountain of the Four Rivers is priceless. Piazza Navona 2, tel. 06 6833779,


Located in the Prati area is Fabrica, a pastry and chocolate shop and lovely tea room, where up-and-coming artists regularly show their works. Customers can drink and buy herbal teas and infusions, in addition to 80 different tea blends, ranging from black Indian to white and Chinese green teas and South African rooibos. Via G. Savonarola 8, tel. 06 39725514,

Makasar Bistrot

In the Prati area again, Makasar Bistrot is a wine-tea-coffee bookshop offering a list of 250 classic and rare teas, sourced from the world’s remotest regions, to be enjoyed in an ethnic-style ambience. There is also a great selection of green and fragrant teas for  real connoisseurs. Via Plauto 33, tel. 06 6874602,

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