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photo Valentina Stefanelli

July 7, 2020

Roman Days

The Eternal City finds its feet again

Who knows, maybe we will even feel the Ponentino wind again? In this Rome so perfectly peaceful, where we have returned to the piazzas and breathtaking views, which once more seem eternal and no longer overwhelmed by the swarms of tourists, it almost seems like the famous fresh breeze is going to blow once more. It’s a strange illusion - not just an optical one - but it seems to brush our faces we cycle along the Tiber, run gently through the fruit stalls in Campo de’ Fiori, and ruffle the hair as we stop to admire the steps of piazza di Spagna and the gleaming façade of Trinità dei Monti, which looks engraven into the blue sky. It sparkles on those Trastevere evenings that find us with an aperitivo in hand, fresh as the clear water around the fountains in piazza del Popolo. Illusion or not, enjoy this Rome, which today seems more and more as it does in a Fellini film, proud and tender like the characters created by our most international director, in this his centenary year. But enjoy it very, very slowly: finally, we have the time to reconquer space.


In this article we talked about Basilica di Santa Maria del Popolo, Scalinata Trinità dei Monti, Pantheon - Basilica di Sancta Maria ad Martyres

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