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Paolo Canevari

text Francesca Lombardi

July 7, 2020

The artist Paolo Canevari tells about his Rome

When art becomes an important opportunity for reflection

How would you describe your job and your thoughts at such an unusual time in history?

This time was a great opportunity to reflect upon my job and upon the meaning of life and to rethink the world in a condition of physical seclusion which, however, leaves the mind free to wander. 

A regeneration through images and the becoming aware that a major global change is taking place. 

What changes do you see coming after this pandemic?

I’m not sure yet that there’ll be deep changes. 

I do hope that people’s way of thinking will change. I hope that the pandemic will help us reflect upon the belief systems and interests that brought modern society to be so ill-prepared, so ill-equipped to face such a serious challenge. 

What is a must-do tour of the city?

The tour I recommend is a walk through the street I live on, Via Giulia, at sunset, watching swallows fly past in Rome’s blue June sky, and reaching Ponte Sisto to watch the sun go down behind St. Peter’s Church. 

How do you see your Rome now?

I see a strong city, which has seen and experienced History with a capital “H”, which has shown its extraordinary character even in troubled times such as these.

What  image best represents the past few months?

Pope Francis saying Mass alone in empty St. Peter’s Square. 

What are the key words of 2020?

Togetherness, humanity, strength. 

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