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Luca Argentero

text Giovanni Bogani
photo cover Fabio Lovino

April 6, 2022

Our interview with Luca Argentero

The actor talks about family, projects and his love for Rome

Cheerful, serene, at peace. With a two-year-old daughter that he gets to enjoy every minute of his life now that the theater tour is over and he can take some time for himself. For his wife, for his family. And even for Rome. “Rome welcomed me when I was a young man, 25 years old, living in a tiny apartment in the heart of the Trastevere area. And the love I have for it has never left my heart”, Luca Argentero, a born-and-bred Piedmontese says. He is the star of the most popular Italian television series of the past two years, Doc,playing the role of a doctor.  We talked to him over the phone, during the final show of his theater tour, È questa la vita che sognavo da bambino, in which he tells the stories of three sports champions: two winners- Walter Bonatti, the mountain climbing hero, and Alberto Tomba, the greatest Italian alpine ski racer - along with a successful loser: Luisin Malabrocca, the legendary ‘maglia nera’ of the 1946 Giro d’Italia, who realized that arriving last made him popular with the people.

Luca Argentero (ph. Fabio Lovino)

And now what, Luca?

After one year and a half of non stop-working, I just want to stay home. Spend time with my daughter Nina, who is going to turn two years old on May 20, and with my wife Cristina. Seriously, I want nothing more than this.

Can you describe your very first feeling for Rome?

Love at first sight: I was dazzled as soon as I arrived in a world completely different from my Turin. I was consumed by this love in a small apartment on Vicolo del Cinque, in the Trastevere area. A love affair that has had its tempestuous moments too.

Because of the city’s heavy traffic and the typical unpunctuality of Romans?

Exactly. When I started my own production company, I had to fix appointments, plan meetings. And people would say: “ Sure, see you at 10 am, 10,30 am”. No way: either it’s 10 am or 10,30 am! Since I shut down my production company and I’ve been working ‘only’ as an actor, my life has been much easier.

Luca Argentero, born in Turin in 1978, is one of the most popular actors of Italian television and cinema

What are your favorite places in Rome?

All downtown Rome. I live downtown, just behind Piazza del Popolo, and as soon as I step out of the door, I feel in heaven. And then Villa Borghese which, in my opinion, is one of Rome’s most wonderful places.

What kind of father are you? What games do you play with your daughter Nina?

All the games I can think of, but what counts the most is to make her days special and fun, to create positive energy. A serene, relaxed atmosphere. Nina was born in a world where everyone wore face masks and nobody touched each other. She deserves to start believing in physical connection between human beings.

Argentero has recently starred in the TV series 'Doc - Nelle tue mani', of which there is going to be a third season (ph. Erika Kuenka)

How has Nina changed your life?

What really changed my life was meeting my wife Cristina. From then on everything changed. It’s like we’ve always had Nina with us.  I live in the present, I seize the moment: our recent history taught us that it is important to live the here and now.

What are you or were you afraid of?

Of immobility. And fear is our worst enemy. We have lived tied down by fear for two years: we need to go back to doing things, by overcoming our fears.

In the meantime, you performed in Le fate ignoranti. What role do you play?

I’m Cristiana Capotondi’s husband, although in a homosexual relationship with Eduardo Scarpetta. A character which, in the original Le fate ignoranti film, had not been given much space, but in the series he is portrayed more intimately. When Ferzan called me for the role, I was very happy: in 2007, in Saturno Contro, he chose me when I was making my debut on the big screen. Now I have more experience as an actor, but I’m still very pleased to work with Ferzan.

Luca Argentero with Cristiana Capodonti in 'Le fate ignoranti' movie

At this point in your career, having played multiple film roles, with a successful theater tour and a popular television series sold to countries all over the world, what is still missing?

I have no major regrets. I’m pleased with my relationship with the audience, I’m happy about how things are going. If only things could continue like this for a bit longer, I would be the most content of all men. Then, slowly, I will start devoting more time to my vegetable garden.

And spending more and more time at your house in Umbria, at Città della Pieve?

Yes, another place I love. It’s a lovely place, in a hill, just 90 kilometers away from Rome, close to everything, but nestled in an oasis of peace and calm. I go there as often as possible to take long walks in the woods and I feel happy.

A place frequented by other celebrities as well. On long winter afternoons, do you ever play cards with Colin Firth?

No, I haven’t seen Colin in a while. But I do give advice to Draghi, of course…

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