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Giovanna Melandri (ph. ©Musacchio, Ianniello & Pasqualini)

text Francesca Lombardi
photo Musacchio Ianniello

July 7, 2020

Giovanna Melandri, President of the Maxxi Foundation: transformations to be treasure

The Maxxi Museum is reborn with a range of novelties. Discover them here

Your museum has recently reopened: what’s new?

Three exhibitions: Gio Ponti: Loving Architecture; Real_italy and At Home 20.20, with a new set-up. The museum square will host two large-scale installations. Finally, tickets are going at a special price of 8 €, buyable online.

The changes that you foresee on the back of this emergency?

In these months of lockdown we have transformed ourselves into a broadcaster of original online content. We’ve asked creatives and intellectuals to join in our goal and to help us imagine a new world. We’ve reached almost 14 million views, an experience that we’ll cherish.

Something not to miss in the city?

Discover the Flaminio district, which, apart from the MAXII, is home to some extraordinary works of contemporary architecture, such as the Auditorium and the Bridge of Music.

What is your Rome like at such a strange moment?

Rome is incredible, beautiful even now.

The image that best represents these months that we’ve lived through?

I would choose three: the exhausted nurse at the end of a back-breaking shift; Pope Francis praying in an empty St Peter’s Square, and President Mattarella at the Altar of the Fatherland to celebrate April 25. 

The words to sum up this 2020?

Interconnection, not only virtual, but also real. Heightened awareness, learning from this experience. Breathing: we need to breathe more, if we’re not going to return to our past voraciousness. Responsibility, individual and collective. Ecology, the urgency with which we need to think about the future of the planet.

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