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Hotel De Russie

text Virginia Mammoli

March 27, 2019

Flavour hotspots

Giacinta Polidori, Food & Beverage Manager of the Hotel de Russie tells us this unmissable address of taste

There are hotels where we go for a brief stay, perhaps taking in a quick meal, without any expectations. Then there are those hotels where we go for high-end hospitality and fine dining. And the Hotel de Russie in Rome is one of these. Its restaurant Le Jardine de Russie and Stravinskij Bar are well-known amongst not only the most prestigious globetrotters but also Romans themselves. We spoke to Giacinta Polidori, Food & Beverage Manager at the Hotel de Russie about these two renowned locales. 

What is the key to your success?

A mix of product, atmosphere and service, elements that don’t exist one without the other here at De Russie, together representing the sentiment we are able to convey to our guests. 

What experience would you recommend for your guests?

Our guests love to have a unique and authentic experience. The added value can be found in the attention to detail, the smile on our staff’s faces, the dedicated service and the fact that we show them how important they are to us. 

What do guests look for in the dining experience today?

Guests who choose luxury want only the best; no longer just appearances but genuine, authentic ingredients, prepared by skilled chefs who know how to exalt them, as well as the right setting. Such an experience cannot be overdone, while focus should be aimed at the quality of the dish. “Less is more” blends perfectly with the mindset of our Creative Director, chef Fulvio Pierangelini: offer high-quality ingredients without altering them. 

What is the importance of a setting like Piazzetta Valadier?

It’s fundamental. It’s a cozy setting in the heart of Rome that maintains the increasingly rare characteristics of a piazza: a place where we can go at any time of the day, see who is in town, meet people and – why not? – be seen. It’s a place to come together, but it’s also a charming and distinctive element of our hotel. 

How does the collaboration between Fulvio Pierangelini and Executive Chef Nazzareno Menghini play out in the kitchen?

Fulvio oversees the guidelines; Nazzareno is the one who brings them to life. The food that comes out of this knows how to identify and interpret trends, but is also deeply rooted in the territory and tradition. Adhering to these roots is an important concept for Fulvio, who comes from the area, but you can find this philosophy in all Rocco Forte hotels. 

*The* dish to try on the menu?

Spaghetto al pomodoro. Everyone compares things, and when you try this dish, you’ll understand the difference between the secrets of a great culinary master and a dish that’s only seemingly simple, transformed here into a true delicacy. 

What has made Stravinskij Bar popular for a happy hour in Rome?

Its setting and simple, uncontrived luxury have made it the only hotel bar where Romans voluntarily and regularly go. 

Great classics and a new addition to your cocktail list?

Stravinskij Bar has long been popular for martini lovers. We recently thought to pay tribute to them with a menu that not only contains varieties of the historic cocktail, but also versions requested by our guests. Alongside our classic drinks, we also have Dottore, Avvocato, Giornalista, Artista… 

We also recently created the Stravinskij Liquor, a liquor that we’ve produce ourselves for years for our Stravinskij Spritz, which we now distil and bottle. 

News for the future?

We will add new offers to our menu, starting with brunch, but this year’s focus will definitely be dedicating our time to guests through special events.


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