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Carlo Verdone

text Giovanni Bogani

July 7, 2020

Carlo Verdone, actor, film director and writer. The embodiment of Rome’s most authentic and vibrant side

An exclusive interview with one of the great symbols of Italian cinema

Carlo, what changes do you see coming after this pandemic?

I hope that many things will change in our way of living. 

We might learn to be less self-centered, more caring, less anarchic, less arrogant. Or maybe not. 

Is there a movie you rewatched or discovered during the quarantine?

I mostly focused on my new movie, which I’m writing with the help of my scriptwriter-friends. But it’s quite a challenge, because no future movie will be able to ignore what has just happened. 

What answers can we expect from filmmaking? 

Only science can give us answers now. And there’s no final answer as long as the virus is out there. 

The real question is: are we still scared? The answer is “yes”. 

Art and cinema will be able to bring people together again, as soon as it’s possible. 

What places in Rome do you love best? 

I love Rome in its entirety. 

My neighborhood, Monteverde vecchio, above Trastevere, where every day I have a chat with the news dealer and the pharmacist, where I see the most authentic side of Rome, its people; but also downtown Rome, with its traditional eateries, such as Settimio on Via del Pellegrino, where dishes are still made as they were fifty years ago. 

How would you describe 2020 in a few words?

A year thrown in the trash. But, hopefully, also the year we recognized the importance of togetherness. 

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