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Fori Imperiali e Palatino

The Arch of Constantine, with its three arches, links the Palatine Hill, where the emperors lived and where Nero’s lavish Domus Transitoria - recently reopend to the public - was located, adding to the houses of Livia and Augustus, and the Forums built along the Via Sacra and beyond the Arch of Titus, up towards the Capotiline Hill. This is where the senators would gather, specifically in the Curia Julia, and where the rostra were located, from which politicians would address the public, while advocates carried out their legal quibbles in basilicas, like the Basilica of Maxentius. At the same time, the emperors,  (Augustus, Trajan...), paid homage to themselves by building their own squares, known as Fori. Trajan had to protect his with the Market, whose purpose was to impede the hill from collapsing. 


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