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Costantino Seghi

text Virginia Mammoli

October 2, 2023

Young talent Costantino Seghi

We get to know the actor who made his screen debut alongside Benedetta Porcaroli and Riccardo Scamarcio

23 years old, born in Florence. But his life soon became intertwined with Rome, because of his passion - and talent - for acting. He is Costantino Seghi. His debut on the big screen was marked by a role not simple at all in L’ombra del giorno (2022), in which he plays alongside Benedetta Porcaroli and  Riccardo Scamarcio, with whom he performed again in 2 Win by Stefano Mordini. Starting from October 6, he will be starring in the eight-episode series Eppure cadiamo felici on RaiPlay.

How did you develop a passion for acting?

As a child, I enjoyed impersonating the characters of my favorite movies and cartoons. Then, after years of school teachers unable to get me interested in any subject at all, a teacher told me that she believed that I could be an actor and that my career path should have been in filmmaking. I believe she was right.

Please tell us about your debut on the big screen in L’ombra del giorno.

Having performed in my first film in such a role, in an accent different from my own, and with such a cast, makes me very proud. I learned something from each and every one of them.

Actors, or film directors, with whom would you enjoy working in the future?

With anyone who has really something to say and sees this job as I see it. I once worked with the director of a short film who told me: “ I have to tell this story and I think you’re the right actor for it, so, if you trust me, we’ll do a great job together”, and, although the film was not a big budget production, I was very excited about it.

Your dream role?

A role completely different from what people expect me to do.

The series Eppure cadiamo felici will be showing on RaiPlay in October. Had you read the book by Enrico Galiano on which it is based? What did you like the most about this story?

No, I had not read it before, and when I did, it was like going back to school. I believe it could be a great coming-of-age book.

Let’s talk about you: what do you do apart from acting?

I’ve been studying at the Volonté Cinema Art School since January. In my free time, I enjoy indulging in thoughts and playing the piano. I formed a band with a few friends, called Sdeghewestern.

Where do you like to go in Rome in your free time?

To museums! I’m particularly fond of the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, with its huge rooms, and of the Borghese Gallery.

Your favorite evening place?

Zalib, a hub community within an independent bookshop.

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