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Chantal Sciuto

text Teresa Favi

December 16, 2021

The skin heaven

Our encounter with Chantal Sciuto to talk about beauty… in the city of eternal beauty

Dermatologist, beauty expert and brand ambassador Chantal Sciuto is director of Studio Sciuto, founded by ber 25 years ago in Rome and today an international landmark in skin treatment and the prevention of ageing. A tireless woman with a brilliant smile, a gentle manner and an iron grip, her studio has also sponsored the Milan premiere of Ridley Scott’s film of the year House of Gucci. We met up with her to hear about her world and her Rome.

Dr Sciuto, what are the main keys to beauty? 

Beauty is not perfection, it’s balance and harmony. 

Is it vanity to seek beauty?

We’ve been taking care of our physical bodies - from hair and nails to skin - for millennia. Now the human lifespan is longer, I think the desire to keep our skin beautiful, bright, toned and as young as possible is a positive thing. 

The spectacular view over Rome from the top of the Hotel Eden, one of the things dr. Sciuto loves most

You’re an expert in plastic dermatology and anti-ageing medicine. If we consider just the face, where is the latest research going? 

It’s increasingly geared to restoring the original features. 

The aim is to combat downward sagging, the real cause of an ageing appearance. 

Your studio takes a holistic approach; what does this mean?

The focus of my team, which also includes psychotherapists, dentists, nutritionists and body-shaping experts, is the patient’s psychological and physical improvement. It starts with listening, and then we move upstream of the problem in a multi-disciplinary way.

Chantal Sciuto studio

Your best anti-ageing tip?  

Drink water. Water hydrates and brightens the skin. 

Your Rome in three places?

A fine perfumier, Campomarzio, where I buy scented candles. The terrace of Hotel Eden for its magnificent and unique views of the city. Concerts by the Accademia di Santa Cecilia at Auditorium Parco della Musica. And Otello alla Concordia, a traditional trattoria in the centre of Rome. 

Hotel Eden Terrace

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