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Hotel Eden

text Mila Montagni

October 17, 2018

At the Hotel Eden, where the perfumes are cocktails

The Fragrance Bar in exclusive collaboration with Campomarzio70

In the setting of mirrors and gilded wood at La Libreria, the Hotel Eden’s lounge bar – and under the Lordship of the Bar Manager at the Hotel Gabriele Rizzi - the last months have been turned into a unique sensory experience of refined elegance and rare culture, that of the rarefied world of perfumery. In this Hotel’s space, the private heritage of the Eternal City since 1889, from May until the year’s end, an actual Fragrance Bar has been set up in exclusive collaboration with Campomarzio70, artistic perfumery and sophistication since 1929 and now world-renowned.

To uniquely and innovatively blend two of the senses that make life a pleasure lived to the fullest is Rizzi’s invention, which was inspired by a selection of fragrances suggested by Lisa Bertoni, fragrance trainer for Campomarzio70, resulting in nine drinks declined according to the olfactory suggestions evoked by the perfumes and their history. The experience will then go from La Libreria and one of the nine cocktails by Gabriele Rizzi, revealed three at a time, to the beginning of each season, spring, summer and autumn. 

Each cocktail has a corresponding plaster sculpture that represents it. Enclosed in glass bell jars, the sculptures are accompanied by floral decorations that completed and complete the primary elements of each of the three fragrances chosen by Campomarzio70. With the compositions are a perfume container whose name is substituted for the name of the cocktail served in the lounge bar.

At this point, the La Libreria team comes into play, inviting guests to choose the essence that most inspires them - telling their stories mixed with the perfumes kept under each bell jar. At closing time, each guest is given a tribute, an anonymous sample of the perfume chosen through the cocktail. Only when the guests go to a Campomarzio70 boutiques in Italy will they know the name of the perfume that corresponds to it.


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