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The Well (2024) the new horror film directed by Federico Zampaglione

text Teresa Favi

May 28, 2024

Federico Zampaglione's new horror film comes out

It is titled The Well and was filmed around Rome. The Theodoli Castle in Sambuci is the main location

Federico Zampaglione, Roman Doc, is not only known for being the frontman and soul of the musical group Tiromancino, but in his 30-year career he has by now accustomed us to a continuous transition between songs, books, films (which over the years have made him an established director who is highly appreciated especially in the world of horror) and concerts, sold-out tours that have seen him tour the length and breadth of the peninsula allowing him to build a relationship with his fans that goes beyond the latest chart-topping single, a relationship that will be strengthened shortly with the departure of the new tour that will touch all of Italy.
And, after the release of Tiromancino's latest single titled Due Rose, the Roman artist has thrown himself back into cinema by completing his new film The Well, a fierce horror film that will be in theaters in Italy starting July 18.
In the meantime, Zampaglione's film is making its way around the world to major horror film festivals and film festivals, to public and critical acclaim. Produced by Stefano Masi and Iperuranio Film, starring Lauren LaVera (Terrifier 2), Claudia Gerini, Lorenzo Renzi and Giovanni Lombardo Radice in his latest performance, it has already sold in more than 80 countries worldwide, including the United States, an absolute record for an Italian horror film.

The Well was shot in locations around Rome , from Saracinesco, to Palazzo Cenci Bolognetti in Vicovaro, to Castello Theodoli in Sambuci as the main location.
Cinema is in fact the other great passion of Zampaglione who made his directorial debut in 2007 with “Nero bifamiliare” which was followed by “Shadow” (2009, the first horror film that gave him great success in the world and fame as heir to the great Italian directors of the genre), “Tulpa- Perdizioni mortali” (2013) and “Morrison” (2021 based on his novel written with Giacomo Gensini “Dove tutto è a metà”)

The Well is about Lisa Gray (Lauren LaVera), an American art restorer on her first, important mission, called to a small Italian village to restore to its former glory a medieval painting ruined by fire. Little does she know that she is putting her own life in danger, due to an ancient curse that breeds evil creatures, blood and atrocious suffering. “The Well is my darkest, creepiest and fiercest film.... but I also find it desperately romantic,” comments Zampaglione. “I have always deeply loved this genre, because it speaks to the human soul, investigates our unknown fears and loses itself in deep darkness, clinging to a thread of light. The Well pushes to the most extreme emotions, destroying the boundary between reality and fantasy, between Good and Evil, Life and Death.You will discover that Evil has new depths.”


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