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Vera Dragone

text Virginia Mammoli
photo Francesca Marino

December 3, 2019

Explosive Vera

Actress, singer and dancer, Vera Dragone is a true force of nature

She’s been living and breathing show business since childhood. Her grandfather was Vittorio De Seta, a master of neo-realist documentary films, the husband of Vera Gherarducci, a stage actress who performed with Eduardo De Filippo, her uncle is Ivo Garrani, the actor, like his son. A sort of family tradition. Born and raised in Catanzaro, Vera Dragone moved to Rome to study acting. This year, she is co-starring again with Lillo in the musical School of Rock, playing the role of Rosalie Mullins, for which she was awarded the 2019 Persefone prize. In 2020, she will be starring in two TV fictions: Alberto  by Luca Manfredi and Vite in fuga by Luca Ribuoli.

You spend your life touring, acting, singing and dancing. How do you do it?

It’s always been my dream. Musical is the perfect choice for me. It’s still a bit looked down on in Italy, whereas abroad it is considered to be a complete form of art, which allows me to bring my three passions together. As a mother of a three-year-old child, it is not easy, but motherhood allows me to realize what is unnecessary  and what, instead, is worth investing time in. 

What artist do you admire?

Although I never met her, I’ve always been inspired by my maternal grandmother, after whom I was named. I read her diaries and some articles about her. She was a brilliant actress and I think of her as my guardian angel. 

Your singing repertoire ranges from opera music to jazz, from Argentinian tango to swing. But what do you sing when you’re preparing breakfast?

At this time of my life, I enjoy singing children’s songs. Baby Shark and the signature tune by Pj Masks are among my “audience’s” favorites. 

Your most beloved role?

Marilyn Monroe, whom I played in Love is blonde by Cristina Pezzoli, a revolutionary director who introduced me to a new way of acting. 

What does dancing mean to you?

Dancing is an expression of the soul. When I want to express something I act, when words are not enough I sing, and when even singing is not enough, I dance. 

Please tell us something about Ellington.

For many years, my partner Alessandro Casella and I performed in Broadway-like, forties-style musicals and so we finally decided to start our own club.  It is a place where people can have dinner, drink cocktails and listen to good music. It is located in the Pigneto area, which is the new Via Veneto, where you can meet some truly amazing celebrities. Like the night Bill Murray, Wes Anderson and Edward Norton came. 


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