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Gloria Radulescu

text Veronica Sgaravatti
photo Marzia Ferrone

October 10, 2019

Walking barefoot

Gloria Radulescu tells us about her passion for film and nature

Gloria Radulescu is a wonderful actress, a well-known face on Italian television and the star of various TV productions, including Il Paradiso delle signore. She grew up in a town near Bari, then returned to Rome - her birthplace - to follow her dream of acting, which began as a fun activity. She loves nature, her family, whom she describes as her safe place, and her work.

Where did you study acting?

When I was in high school. After experiencing a performance, I realised I liked it and it could be the job for me. In 2012 I took a two-year course at the Teatrificio22 in Puglia, then I auditioned at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome and was accepted immediately. 

Who was the first person to believe in you?

My teacher at the theatre workshop in Puglia, Claudia Lerro: after two years studying with her she pushed me to try and get into the Centro Sperimental or the Silvia D’Amico in Rome, because she’d seen something in me that I hadn’t yet discovered.

What kind of roles do you prefer to play?

I like to play dramatic roles; true stories that can also involve considerable physical transformation. I like to feel my characters deeply and live them personally, with all their problems. 

What are your hobbies?

I adore horse riding. It’s something I do whenever I go back to Puglia to see my mother and my brother, who still live there. In Rome, I love to walk around, enjoy the beautiful city. But when I go home, I like to spend my time in contact with nature: I grew up barefoot in the countryside, with my grandparents. 

Is there a place in Rome you particularly love?

The Colosseum at night, seen from behind. There’s a little hidden square where you can admire it in all its glory.

Which area do you live in? Can you recommend a couple of places? 

I live in Pigneto. It’s an area that’s very lively, with loads of young people. I like going to Tuba, a place where you can eat and relax: you can take a book from their library and read it in peace and quiet. But there’s also Vitaminas, where you can eat soups and natural foods, and Necci, where the atmosphere immediately makes you think of family.


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